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Percussion Welder™

Change what's possible.

More Welding Capabilities

Greater Design

Improved Product Design

Micro weld like never before.

Join dissimilar metals, at almost any orientation, down to just a few thousandths of an inch. Weld without reducing the hardness of metal, increasing resistance or introducing incompatible material. The new standard in micro welding is here.

Design what’s best, instead of what you’re limited to.

You don’t have to compromise your design or use sub-optimal materials. The Percussion Welder gives you more options and greater possibilities.


MTI MicroWelding
7100 Broadway, Building 1
Unit Q
Denver, CO 80221

ISO 9001:2008
with Design
Cert # 15.223.1

Test it on your application!
Let us weld your specific application to show you it works.

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