Many industries have discovered they can now weld what they couldn’t before.

Percussion welding is used in numerous applications such as lead attachment, cable termination, and small parts welding.


Manufacturing of individual battery cells often requires the joining of a copper or aluminum foil to a dissimilar material used for the electrode in the cover of the cell. Percussion welding provides the perfect solution for joining these materials and a host of other metals and metal alloys. The resulting weld has the structural and electrical integrity necessary for batteries to provide maximum performance.


Percussion welding is used to join dissimilar materials used in leads on resistors and diodes, sensors and many other components that require low resistance, high reliability welds. Percussion welding produces favorable welds for many electronics applications that cannot be joined by other welding methods like resistance welding, laser welding or ultrasonic welding.

Heating Elements

Percussion welding provides a unique method of joining leads to heating elements. Because it allows for joining of dissimilar materials, copper leads can be joined to heater elements in a butt weld configuration. The result is a strong, low resistance joint that takes little or no more space than the diameter of the larger of the two materials.


Welding in light bulb manufacturing often requires the joining of dissimilar materials. Percussion welding creates strong, low resistance welds. During the weld, impurities are expelled from the weld area leaving a joint that contains only the pure weldment materials. This type of weld withstands extreme environmental conditions as well as shock and vibration.


Percussion welding is commonly used in the manufacture of sensors used in appliances, automotive and medical devices. Sensors often require the joining of dissimilar materials in a strong, reliable, low resistance weld. Percussion welding provides this without the use of any consumable material such as solder or flux.


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